Why Acquirers Should Be Afraid of Square

If you want some good old-fashioned negativity, just Google the words “Square and unicorn,” and you’ll find an infinite supply of articles spelling out how Square is a symbol of all things evil in the business world and how it’s a classic case of economic-stimulus-inspired Silicon Valley overindulgence that’s about ready to collapse (how about this … Continue reading Why Acquirers Should Be Afraid of Square

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The Future of Commerce

  In a recent Investor’s Business Daily article, Max Cherney reports that in the near future, Apple, Google and Facebook are likely to buy payment companies. This is not surprising, as the payment sector has attracted major Silicon Valley investment over the last several years. What isn’t totally clear to many is why the world’s most … Continue reading The Future of Commerce

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Apple Has Huge Plans for Apple Pay

It’s no secret that the banks aren’t particularly happy about paying 15 basis points to Apple for inclusion of their cards in Apple Pay. It’s also no secret that since Apple Pay’s launch Visa and MasterCard have expanded the digital enablement services that Apple uses to include a ban on such fees, meaning that as … Continue reading Apple Has Huge Plans for Apple Pay

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