Intelligent Payments

AZ Payments Group consultants help banks, merchants, and merchant solutions providers become market- and data-driven companies across all aspects of their payments businesses:

The Intelligent Marketing Mix

We gather and leverage market data to help you better identify and serve customer needs while simultaneously standing out from your competitors and attracting premium value. We provide the market intelligence you need to optimize your strategy across the 4 (or 5) p’s.

Intelligent Relationships

We can help you gather, expand and mine your customer and operational data so you can better measure, understand, serve and influence your customers. We convert data into insights and lay out approaches that you can use to improve your customer relationships for mutual benefit.

Intelligent Operations

Intelligent strategies are meaningless without intelligent execution. We can help you implement your market- and data-driven strategies into your operational units, or help you improve operational performance with improved measurement, goal setting, monitoring and leadership.

Intelligent Solutions

We follow the payments market, and in that course, we interact with hundreds of companies per year. We’re also skilled at formal or informal RFP development, and we maintain strategic relationships with problem solvers of many types. If you have a payments problem, we can help you solve it.

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